First and BEST client: MY DAD who has now lost a whopping 82 POUNDS!

So of course once I had made an impact on myself, I had to share the wealth on health! Therefore, my dad became my number one goal! His weight had reached a high of 350 pounds.

My dad weighing in at 340 before juicing

I was constantly worried about his health and my entire family had been making attempt after attempt to light a fire under his butt to get healthy but we couldn’t quite get there.  And now I finally felt like I had the knowledge to enlighten him!  I had been making green smoothies for a while and read about the health benefits of juicing so I broke the bank a bit and bought an Omega juicer for $300 (worth every penny).

I had seen another documentary about juicing called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and I just knew that if I could talk to him about how awesome juicing is and get him to sit down with me to watch the movie that maybe just maybe he would see the light…or the juice!

So that’s exactly what we did! Here’s a quick trailer of the documentary so you can get the scoop on what it’s about…

After watching the documentary with my mom and dad and telling them about the ridiculous number of health benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juicing I had convinced them to do a ten day juice fast with me!! I was pumped! I knew that if I could get my dad through the 10 days he would reap all the benefits and have the right mindset about what it took to get healthy and lose weight.

The first few days were rough for him. The first few days of a juice fast are always rough because if you’re not use to juicing, you’re energy level will be at a low due to your body getting rid of all that waste and toxins.  After that, your energy level will spike to even higher than it was before the fast…like an instant high! You are now on top of the world! I swear they could start making anti-drug commercials with this stuff!

So the ten days was up and guess how much weight he had lost? TWENTY TWO POUNDS! Which I must add that his weight was at a high of 340 when he started the fast. So all of you out there may not necessarily lose that much but you could lose an average of 5-10 lbs.

And to be honest the whole process is more about getting HEALTHY. It is crazy how much better you feel after a juice fast. You feel lighter, have a better sense of clarity, and an energy level that even Speedy Gonzalez could rival.

After the ten days was up, he continued eating mainly fruits and vegetables for awhile before slowly incorporating other foods.  He finally got it! He knew that in order to get healthy, he had to be conscious about his food choices and integrate as much fruits and vegetables as he could.

He started walking the golf course with me every morning starting at about 2.6 miles. Which when we first started he could barely make it.  Today (4 months later)  he is up to about 4.5 miles everyday and has dropped EIGHTY TWO POUNDS!

I could not be more proud of him!  He has transformed his life in so many ways and is still continuing on his GET HEALTHY journey!  I now have 110% confidence that he will dance at my wedding one day and be there making millions of great memories in the future!

My dad running a 5K a few weeks ago! So proud of him! He has come so far!

Here is a link to his more detailed post about his weight loss journey: JOEL SHAW WEIGHT LOSS

Juicing is a great way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your lifestyle just like the green smoothies! And who knew a combination of fresh carrot-green apple juice tasted so yummy! (That’s another good one for the kiddos) The combinations of tasty juices are endless!

I know a lot of you may think of juicing as EXTREME. But think about it, you are getting 100% nutrients/vitamins!! Like Dr. Esselstyn says EXTREME would be getting to a point where you have to have triple bypass surgery due to heart disease from your diet. So no thank you, I believe I’ll take the juice over the scalpel any day!

If you are feeling fatigued, suffer from migraines, want to lose weight, or just want that extra energy high then go for the juice fast! And no, you don’t have to do a 60 day juice like Joe Cross or Phil Staples on the film. I recommend that anyone can start with the 10 day fast! And if you’re not up to that, even just incorporating fresh fruit/veggie juices into your daily routine will give you a nutritional boost!




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5 responses to “First and BEST client: MY DAD who has now lost a whopping 82 POUNDS!

  1. Joel

    I was morbidly obese….translation: soon to be DEAD FAT GUY! I had given up on even trying, what’s the use? Finally becoming sick and tired of being sick and tired I tried the 10 day juice challenge. It was an amazing experience!!!
    That jump started my path toward healthy living. WWW Walking, Water and Watching what I’m eating!! So I’ve gone from morbidly obese to just plain fat ass, soon I plan to be just overweight with a goal of becoming “husky”. I hated that term as a kid, now I hope to be husky!
    The BEST NUMBER I can share is 28, I was 28 TIMES more likely to have a heart attack or STROKE, now I’m 11 times and coming down with every 5 pounds!
    Bottom line, no one held a gun to my head to make me eat… one held a gun to my head to make me want to get healthy.
    ONLY GOD’S WILL and POWER can get me to where I want to be!!

  2. Carolyn Thomas

    Just fyi, I found Mary Beth a Breville compact juicer for $99 at (free shipping and no tax). She absolutely loves it.

  3. Mallory

    Go Dad Go!!! So proud of you and Sam for this blog!!

  4. Ashley

    I hope I can convince my family to do this with me….

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