Ring in the New Year Going RAW!

As a fresh and healthy start to the new year I have decided to EAT RAW for 31 days! When you first hear RAW FOOD, you initially think of raw eggs, raw fish, raw meats, sushi, etc..but what about raw fruits and vegetables?!

So What is Raw Foodism?

Raw Foodism is the practice of consuming only UNCOOKED, UNPROCESSED, typically ORGANIC foods.  While there are many derivations of what foods are included in this practice, I’m going to stick with raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.  Organic herbs and spices will also be included. So this means I will only be eating raw (uncooked) fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds for 31 days!

I know what you’re thinking! Why would I do such a thing?

There is research to support this practice. By the 1930s, it had become a universal knowledge in the medical field that “digestive leukocytosis” occured in the human body after eating a cooked meal of food. This means that the white blood cell count would significantly rise after eating a cooked meal, as if the body was being attacked by a foreign invader like it does with a virus or bacteria. So in 1930, Dr. Kouchakoff decided to test this theory with raw uncooked, unprocessed foods.

Kouchakoff’s team analyzed the blood levels of test subjects who had eaten many different types of food and without fail found that when they consumed raw food, or food that was not refined, there was no reaction in the blood. The body regarded these foods to be non-threatening. On the other hand, the response was undoubtedly different for cooked foods. The body treated these foods just as it would  to protect itself from a foreign pathogen, increasing white blood cells. He found the worst offenders to be foods that were refined, homogonized, pasteurized, preserved, and microwaved. These cooking techniques caused severe digestive leukocytosis in the blood.

Raw foodists also believe that when you cook foods above 115 degrees Fahrenheit, vital enzymes and nutrients are destroyed, causing more harm to the body than good. They claim that the benefits to eating raw include weight loss, improved digestion, more energy, clear skin, and improved overall health. So I thought I would test this theory and see what all the hype is about by giving it at least a 31 day trial! I’ll be keeping you up to date along the way on my thoughts and feelings throughout the experience!

I’m sure you are asking “But where will you get protein?”

Most green vegetables (especially the dark leafy ones) contain more protein per calorie than meat! I will be eating a TON of dark leafy greens on a daily basis as well as some nuts and seeds which are packed with protein! I will be eating more fruits and vegetables in one day than the majority of Americans eat in one month!

So who’s with me?? Who wants to test this theory and see just how great eating these raw foods for 31 days will make us feel? Are you up for the challenge?

I think it will be RAWmazing! Bring it on 2012 🙂



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4 responses to “Ring in the New Year Going RAW!

  1. I’ve heard this same research and believe in it entirely! I haven’t gone “raw” per se, but I do make a conscious effort to choose the rawer option when possible. Good luck to you on this challenge! I hope you blog about your daily menu so we can learn some options we might have if we join you!

  2. sweetopiagirl

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  3. I believe that avoiding ready-made foods is a first step to lose weight. They could taste excellent, but refined foods currently have very little nutritional value, making you try to eat more simply to have enough energy to get through the day. For anyone who is constantly consuming these foods, changing to whole grains and other complex carbohydrates will assist you to have more electricity while eating less. Great blog post.

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