In RAW fashion…

So sorry for the lapse in time since I last posted as I was on vacation in Florida…GO GAMECOCKS!

UPDATE on my GO RAW journey..


While vacationing in Florida, I utilized the first few days as a transition period and decided to go 80% RAW in order to properly prepare myself for the RAWesome 31 day trial ahead of me (the transition period is a great way to ease yourself into the process)!  I am now on Day 4 of going 100% RAW and I must say that I am loving it so far!  While the majority of my caloric intake has been coming from juicing and green smoothies, I have also been eating a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables!  It continues to amaze me how much fresh produce I can eat in a day without feeling that yucky full feeling that you get from the Standard American Diet which is undeniably a S.A.D one!

Evolution of Man with the S.A.D lifestyle (Don't let this be you)

My menu just the other day consisted of fresh orange juice (with the juice from 5 oranges) and TWO Green Juices (spinach,  kale, 3 granny smith apples, 1 cucumber, 4 large carrots). I also managed to eat 3 tomatoes, 12 oz. frozen blueberries, 6 oz raw snap peas, 2 oranges, 1 cucumber, a handful of raw nuts, a WHOLE pineapple, and SIX bananas (despite common belief, eating bananas will not make you fat).  I wish I had a photo of how much produce I eat in a day because it is pretty RAWmazing (I’ll work on getting one for ya). I already feel “lighter” than I did prior to this experience!

Many raw foodists use dehydrators to widen their array of foods to consume. While I think it could be interesting to try this out on occasion, taking the water content out of foods does not seem like something I want to be doing on a daily basis. I do think the dehydrator would be a must if you decide to eat raw for life. I do plan to start getting more creative with RAW recipes now that I am back from vacation so I will keep you updated on those!

My best advice to going raw is  make sure you are eating enough fruits and vegetables otherwise you might start feeling fatigued! Many times it scares us to EAT MORE (I have been guilty of this many times before).  But our bodies need calories and when you are filling them with 100% nutrition then it becomes almost impossible for us to eat too much fresh produce! I have finally come to realize that restricting calories actually makes you gain weight (which my old self never could grasp). You will also be less tempted to veer off the raw course if you feel satiated from eating a large amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure you are getting the rainbow effect going on when you are eating fresh produce to ensure a multitude of vitamins and nutrients!

I can already start to see why there are so many advocates of going raw! I believe this experience will enhance my physical self as well as my spiritual self! I am ecstatic to see where this path leads me! I will continue to keep you updated on my GO RAW journey and if you have any questions please ask away!

Cheers to a HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year!!



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4 responses to “In RAW fashion…

  1. Kate

    Manfers! I’m learning so much from your blog- I love it!!

    I was wondering if you’ve ever thought about posting how much you spend on fresh fruits and veggies when you go to the grocery store. Many people believe the myth that you have to spend tons of money at specialty markets to get quality organic produce.

    I’m sure there are several of us who’d like to compare our S.A.D. (see, I’m learning!) grocery bill to your’s!

    XOXO Kate

    • Yes I can def. do a post on that Kate! Thanks for the feedback..I love input on what people may want to hear more about! Keep an eye out for a post soon on my typical grocery bill so you can compare!

  2. Samantha, you have a great blog. I look forward to following your journey. Tbh, I think I’ll always look at fruits and veggies as *yucky* but with juicing I’ve gone from 0-1 servings a day to 15 servings a day without having to face too much lip-curling and nose holding.

    Kate, we are blessed with a bountiful year-round garden but, I do still shop for some fruits/veggies. Last week, I set out to our two large chain stores and our local Fresh Market. For some items, Fresh Market organics were actually **cheaper** than the local stores’ conventional produce. Other items were 10-30 cents/lb more. I was shocked. I saved FM for last because I thought it’d put too big a dent in my wallet. After that, I learned to go to FM *first*! My hubby and I spend (including what it would cost if we didn’t grow some of our own) about $60-$80 to make 28-20oz servings of juice a week.

    • Despite the fact you are not a big fan of fruits and veggies, that is awesome that you have found that juicing is the way to go and exponentially increase your intake! Most ppl that don’t like them don’t even consider ways to incorporate them into their diet like that! Great info on the pricings as well! I have also found that organics can also be cheaper (especially when you’re buying produce and not the packaged stuff!)

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