The Carotene Cocktail

“A sweet potato a day keeps diseases at bay”

This recipe: 2 peeled sweet potatoes, 2 Gala apples, a few dashes of cinnamon

Who knew sweet potato juice tasted so good?!  Solo, it has a chalkiness about it but mix it with other fruits and veggies and it tastes like a dessert! It gives a nice thickness quality to the juices which I enjoyed! This recipe consists of 2 peeled sweet potatoes, 2 Gala apples, and sprinkled cinnamon.

Sweet potatoes have one of the highest amounts of Beta-carotene than any other vegetable, even carrots. They also have large amounts of Vitamin C and Manganese.  Add sweet potatoes to your diet and you’ll be improving your immune system, enhancing your mental function, reducing your risk of cancer, and improving your complexion! Sounds like a WIN-WIN if you ask me!

Peel and cut up a raw sweet potato into snack-size sticks, sprinkle some cinnamon and raw stevia on top, and you have yourself a nutritious sweet tasting snack! Who needs carrot sticks when you can have sweet potato sticks?!

I know we typically think of sweet potatoes as a starchy vegetable, but they actually have the ability to IMPROVE blood sugar regulation.  Recent studies have found that sweet potatoes can significantly raise levels of the protein hormone Adiponectin, a hormone known to enhance insulin metabolism. Therefore, people with Diabetes could especially benefit from drinking sweet potato juice! Sweet potatoes also contain batatins and batatosides, which fight against bacterias and fungi!  Keeping the sweet potato in its raw form ensures that you are getting optimal nutrients since its minerals are converted into inorganic atoms when cooked.

Hope you have a SWEET Friday the 13th! 🙂



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2 responses to “The Carotene Cocktail

  1. J Stroman

    Great article! I had a sweet potato and apple drink this morning, no idea it was so beneficial! I love the idea of the pinch of cinnamon!

  2. Duh… clearly I need to take the time to wander through your archives. You’re on a sweet potato kick! This recipe is just what I’m looking for!

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