It’s official! I have completed the 31 day- GO RAW challenge (eating only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds) and I loved it! I’m not gonna lie, there were a few times that I would have killed for a bowl of hot soup but I stayed strong and did not let my temptations get the best of me! I would definitely recommend that everyone at least try to be conscious of your food choices and make an effort to eat raw every chance you get! While I would love to say that I am going to be 100% raw for the rest of my life, I must be realistic and say that from now on I will, without a doubt, eat raw as much as possible (80% raw sounds good right?)!  The raw food challenge made me appreciate the things that GOD created for us! This experience made me reach outside of my comfort zone and try new fruits and veggies! I now have a greater appreciation for the distinct flavors and varieties of plants that are readily available for us to consume! It’s amazing how quick your taste buds can change to crave fruits and vegetables instead of chocolate and sweets! I now feel lighter, have a greater sense of clarity, improved digestion, more energy, and a whole new appreciation for foods in their raw forms! Eating living, RAW foods just makes you feel ALIVE (makes sense right?)! I am now aware that foods DO NOT need to be cooked to taste good. To me, there’s nothing better than biting into a huge piece of juicy pineapple! Throughout the process I drank a ton of juices and smoothies, made creative salads using fruit juices as “dressing”, made vegetable noodles, snacked on a variety of fruits and vegetables, made “desserts” with things such as crushed apples and cinnamon, etc.  While most raw foodists create complicated recipes and dehydrate things for hours to come up with the raw version of our typical cooked recipes, I believe it is far better to just stick with the basics… eating the fruits and vegetables in their simple states! It’s by far less work and is much more satiating! GO RAW and feel RENEWED! Are you up for the challenge?



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13 responses to “GO RAW CHALLENGE

  1. Yay Samantha!!! I totally completely agree! Keeping it simple too is just so easy and so delicious! No need to spend hours in the kitchen unless you choose to (which sometimes I do.). Congratulations raw sister!! Woohoo!!

    ~ Robyn (www. RawJourney365.com)

  2. Krystal

    What did your daily bfast/lunch/dinner consist of typically? I wanna try this but honestly don’t know how to get started..

    • Stal– I drank a ton of juices and smoothies, got creative with my salad making skills, ate a WIDE variety of fruits and vegetables, made things like energy bars out of nuts, flax seeds, etc.. The more the variety in the fruits and vegetables you incorporate, the better!

  3. Tamara Lukie

    Wow. Congrats. I would love to do something like this. Maybe in the spring/summer? What were some of your major challenges?

    • I think doing this in the spring or summer would be ideal as one of the biggest challenges for me was the cold weather! There were many times that all I wanted was a bowl of hot soup or a hot drink! I tried to avoid going out to eat with friends and family to avoid temptations as well! I always made sure to have a large supply of fruits and vegetables readily available to snack on and what not! I found that on the days that I was super busy, it was much easier!!

  4. very cool! it does seem tough, but like with anything, once you get your brain past it (the THOUGHT of needing something like coffee or sugary snacks), it’s actually fairly easy. do something like juicing, eating raw, exercising, etc. for a solid month and it becomes a habit/part of your lifestyle!

  5. Great post! I was 100% raw for a year, and on a constant high. However, the social ramifications of never being able to eat in a normal restaurant- not even farm/local/organic ones, or vegan ones- and have anything besides a simple salad, or eat Thanksgiving dinner with my family (I brought my own food) eventually got to me, as did the fact that I consumed an inordinate amount of nuts and seeds in order to get protein. I’ve been 75-80% raw since, for the last couple years, and LOVE it. It works for my body, I can socialize, and I still have tons of variety.

  6. Cheryl

    Hey Samantha, we’ve gone raw several times but the raw we have followed has allowed for warm soups. They’re basic, but you get the gist. Were you following a specific book? Just wondering…thanks. and excellent post.

    • yeah warm soups would’ve been amazing! that was the one thing i missed! I didn’t follow a book…i basically just ate a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables as is and nuts and seeds! How did you like going raw?

  7. Good job on this post, and on going raw! I’ve eaten nearly all raw at times, especially in summer. I find I’m too cold in winter to do all, or even mostly raw. I agree with you that simpler is better, for many reasons. Including a lot of raw foods in my diet is good for me, and I recommend it for my clients, too. Raw cultured foods and sprouted seeds add variety & nutrients galore. Thanks for your post! Do you intend to keep it up?

  8. You’ve inspired me but I wouldn’t know where to start on going raw, any advice … thanks 🙂

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