Make your own Natural Pesticide for your Garden/Plants

No one wants their freshly planted garden ruined by some annoying bugs like these. Do not fret because you can make your own natural pesticide in a matter of minutes and at minimal cost!

What you need:

1 spray bottle


5 garlic cloves, roughly chopped

1 Tbs. chili powder

1 1/2 Tbs biodegradable dish soap (such as Murphy’s oil soap)

Combine all ingredients into spray bottle and fill with water. Allow to sit overnight then strain out liquid portion to discard garlic and chili powder chunks.

And “Ta-Da”  It’s that simple, you have yourself an Organic pesticide to use on your garden to keep those pesty bugs away!

**I would recommend using any natural pesticide sparingly as it kills off beneficial bugs as well. Try and use it only when needed by treating infected plants!



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3 responses to “Make your own Natural Pesticide for your Garden/Plants

  1. Would you mind if I posted this on Pintrest? You don’t have a button, so I want to get your permission first. This looks like it would do the trick– just what I’ve been looking for. I had a lot of bugs last year, as did my neighbors.

  2. Does this actually kill the bugs or just keep them away?

    -Laura x

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