Up until about a year ago I didn’t even really know what kale is and now I strive to incorporate it into my lifestyle on a daily basis.  I just cannot get enough of the leaf! I juice it, add it to my green smoothies, create salads with it, and even make delicious kale chips! The benefits of kale are HUGE so make an effort to eat it as much as you can! Does anyone have any awesome kale recipes they would like to share?

Here’s a quick and easy Kale chip recipe: All you have to do is place kale leaves on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil, spray with olive oil and top with sea salt and fresh ground pepper.  Cook at 375 degrees for about 10-15 minutes or until they are brown on the edges (you want them crispy but not burnt).  Also try spicing them up by seasoning with some cayenne pepper.



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4 responses to “Go KRAZY for KALE

  1. oh my gosh i love kale. i tried it about 2 months ago and have been hooked ever since! i’ve recently been putting it into smoothies with a scoop of almond butter for an early morning energy kick!


  2. Hi Samantha, my mom turned me onto kale when I was a bit younger than you are now, so you weren’t born yet. I’ve discovered that it is high in iron, like spinach. The greener, the better. I also juice mine. When I cook greens, kale most times, is in my pot. My favorite is turnips, kale, and mustard greens, mixed. The best part of the whole pot is the juice that it creates. I pour a lot of it off to cool, then place it in my refrigerator. Each morning I warm up a cup for a very good kickstart to my day. Try it on for size.

  3. kitchenkm

    I’ve totally just jumped on the Kale bandwagon, and glad I did! Can’t believe I haven’t had this super food up until now! Yum. Thanks for posting this. Any other good recipes/uses?

  4. I have fallen in love with red curly kale. It even smells as beautiful as flowers do when it is just beginning to warm to room temp from the refrigerator! My kids shake their heads and laugh at me when I smell my kale before it gets dumped in my blender each morning. Nobody else is all that interested in my green smoothies, although they will tolerate them if I insist. However, I don’t know how well I’d function without them any more! When I first tried them, it was as if my body had found some kind of addictive substance, because I couldn’t get enough. I would have one with every meal! And I’m talking HUGE ones! Once I’d done this for a week, it seemed to slow down as I got loads of nutrients. If I go without them (like on my vacation when I couldn’t find good kale and organic spinach), I notice a difference. I also don’t want to be without my chia seed. What a difference good nutrition makes!

    BTW, would it be okay if I used your graphic from this post on my blog?

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