Sneak in your Spinach

For many of us, eating enough GREENS on a daily basis can be an obstacle and spinach is not typically on the TOP of your list of foods to eat. But luckily I’m going to show you one of many ways you can sneakily add in some spinach to your lifestyle.  As you know, I am a huge advocate of green smoothies because they are an effortless approach to masking nutrient dense greens (such as spinach and kale) with fruits, gloriously blended into one mega drink  *See green smoothie recipes on prior posts*. BUT, how would you feel about a GREEN milkshake? I realize the idea of spinach and almond milk does not sound appetizing at first, but you just need to trust me on this one!  You may have read my post about my ‘Healthy Milkshake’ recipe and one day I was drinking a vanilla one and thought to myself “Spinach would work wonders in this thing,”  so of course I had to try it!

I present to you the healthy GREEN milkshake:

All you have to do is pack your  blender with fresh spinach, about 4 large handfuls (the more the merrier 🙂 ) Shred the spinach by itself in the blender then add in about 2 frozen bananas, 1 Tbs. vanilla extract and about 1/4-1/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Blend until you find your ideal consistency. Sometimes I like to add ice to mine.

Other add-ins for this can include  some natural peanut butter or Chia seeds for an extra protein boost or some coconut oil for those essential fatty acids our bodies need! Feel free to add in whatever your heart desires for some extra flavor (as long as it’s healthy of course)

Side note: You can also make this recipe into more of an ice cream by omitting the almond milk or by adding just a splash of the almond milk.  This does have a vanilla-banana flavor so if you are a banana hater then you may not love this recipe…but for everyone else out there…deliciousness! When I make the ice cream version, I like to add in natural peanut butter at the end so I get bursts of peanut butter flavor while I’m eating it.

I promise, had I not told you – you would have never guessed this healthy milkshake had spinach in it  (despite the fact that the green color kind of gives it away).

Kids also love this! Maybe just omit telling them it has spinach at first and give it a clever “green” name, such as the Hulk or the Green-n-Girly milkshake.

By drinking just one of these in a day, you’ll be getting more greens than most people consume in  a day, or even a week! Cheers to a Happy & Healthy Tuesday!


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  1. Good idea. I also love sneaking ruby beets into my smoothies. Tasty, healthy, and PINK!

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