Preventing Disease Instead of Treating the Symptoms

Let’s use our imaginations for a minute. Some of you may be gardeners and can relate to this..but let’s say you planted a garden. One of your plants just isn’t flourishing. The leaves have turned yellow and brown and no fruits are producing. So what do you do? I’m guessing your first solution would not be to paint the leaves green, “surgically” remove only one infected area of the plant, or even pump it with antibiotics.  If my thoughts are accurate, you would most likely ensure the plant was receiving good soil quality, ideal amounts of sunlight and water, and make sure it was receiving vital vitamins and nutrients.  You would look at the root cause of the plant’s illness instead of masking the symptoms or compartmentalizing its problems. So why is it that we do not treat our bodies in the same manner?

We have to stop viewing our bodies as being compartmentalized, instead we must envision it as one fluid system. In reality,  the human body is a complete unit with highly complex systems working together to keep it functioning optimally. Everything is connected.  If there is a problem or disease in one area or organ of our body, then there MUST be chaos going on in the rest of our bodies as well (whether you know it or not).  Our physical health, nutritional health, and mental/emotional health are key proponents of our overall health and are all connected to one another. Your attitude, thoughts, and beliefs go hand in hand with your physical health.  Similarly, exercising and eating healthy will have positive effects on your mind/attitude, thus your overall health.

When I look back onto past doctors visits in my lifetime, I realize that every time I was sick or had a problem my doctor never once asked me in depth questions about what was going on in these 3 areas (mind, nutrition, and fitness).  Questions such as “What do you eat on a daily basis?” “Do you exercise?” and “Are you happy/stressed/depressed/anxious?”  Instead, without fail, my doctor promptly asked me what my symptoms were and immediately wrote me a prescription for a drug.  There was no delving into why I might be having these issues (getting to the root of the problem), instead it was always how can we mask these symptoms.

I’ve heard time and time again of people having gone through life threatening surgeries, tumor removals, or radiation treatments, just to have the same disease come right back up years later.  So we need to start focusing on PREVENTING disease instead of treating it once we have it.  Through proper nutrition, exercise, meditation, prayer, etc. we can be our optimal, healthy, disease-free selves!  I realize that there are genetic predispositions and specific circumstances that are out of our control, but what can it hurt to do everything in our power to prevent ourselves from going down the path of poor health and disease. My hope is that in years to come, mainstream doctors will become more aware of the importance of these 3 interconnected factors on our health (it’s clearly already in motion).  But we still have a long ways to go, therefore YOU take control of the matter and start becoming the most  healthy individual you can be by working on your mind, diet, and physical fitness!



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7 responses to “Preventing Disease Instead of Treating the Symptoms

  1. Kristina

    Great advice Manf!

  2. Considering mind, nutrition and fitness is a great checklist that I will hang on to; thank you.

  3. This is definitely one of my new favorite blogs. Great information. Thank you!

  4. Reblogged this on shakeofftheblahs and commented:
    The more we know…….

  5. Jason Atkinson

    I’m glad to see more people are becoming aware of the mind/body connection. You are doing a great job of spreading this idea as well. Keep up the good work.

  6. Great info. I’m a huge believer in the mind/body health and the role nutrition plays. Thanks for stopping by my blog. So glad you did!

  7. merelsmagicalherbs

    Exactly my idea! Keep up the good work!

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