The BIG FAT Problem

Here’s a glimpse into why we need to focus on nutrition and exercise!


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8 responses to “The BIG FAT Problem

  1. The scary part about this is the “average American Diet” does NOTHING but add to the obesity levels…all the processed and packaged foods, the fast food companies and the amount of sugar that is consumed coupled with the fast paced lives we live and the stress Americans have. Unfortunately the government is subsidizing our obestiy issues in the US-instead if they feel the need to give money to subsidize perhaps it should be to the farmers who grow fruits and vegis (organic) and grass fed/non-hormone beef and free range chicken-If most people knew a piece of how the animals are treated and what they put into them-they would stop eating meat…obesity can be stopped/lessened by education and help with both Primary and Secondary nutrition and exercise. This is a great article…thanks for posting…the numbers are digusting!
    In good health – Linda

    • I completely agree! The path that we are headed down is scary, it’s going to take a huge shift for the govt to actually do something about it, that’s why the more we can impact others and voice our opinion, the better!

      • I think with more people like you and me and the swarms of others who “get it” out there, we can start the rumble of appropriate ways of eating and approaching life for optimum health! Thanks so much for posting that very scary blog today…nice job and thanks

  2. Pudgie Pies

    Excellent artical! The world has gotten so lazy. For the United States being in such great debt. And a large protion of its people being on Food Stamps we sure do spend alot of money eating out and buying the five minute meals from the processed section of the grocery store.Its no wonder!

  3. Wow, these statistics are staggering. I can’t say I’m surprised by most of it, but I am surprised about the countries that have the highest percentage of people who are overweight. How do we solve these problems? It’s overwhelming.

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