You ARE What You EAT!

Quote of the Day!  What inspires you to eat healthy??




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4 responses to “You ARE What You EAT!

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  2. What inspires me? At my age, (63) I feel vibrant and alive! I’m not ready to give that up and I’ll fight for it every step of the way. Joy comes from within and having God as the anchor in my life makes a hug difference because no matter what happens, I’ve read the last chapter of the Bible and know my outcome, 🙂
    PS Add dark chocolate to that list. And your photo exhibits joy too!

  3. themooniswatching

    Well, my choice to go vegan was based a lot on animal cruelty, environmental factors (livestock produce sooooo much methane!) and the fact that the food industry lies to us about chemicals in food, GMO’s, refined sugar and flour, etc… while engineering this food to be addictive. They know it’s high in calories and devoid of nutrition. They don’t care. They want money and meanwhile, heart disease and cancer statistics are soaring. I’m overweight, over-tired, sluggish, unmotivated, have a host of tiny but annoying health problems and bad acne. If my research is correct, Veganism will go a long way toward helping my body heal. I’m excited for this transition and will be tracking every moment of it on my own blog.

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