10 Day Juice Fast/Cleanse

Juice fasting.

I know, when you hear the word “fasting” negative thoughts such as starvation and impossible come to mind. But I’m talking about a JUICE fast. Juice fasting is about obtaining optimal health, boosting nutrition, detoxing, increasing energy, clearing your mind, and freeing yourself of stress and toxins. Juice fasting rejuvenates your body from the inside out. It completely detoxifies your body at the cellular and metabolic level. Think about how many times you eat during a day (I’m typically snacking every 3 hours), now imagine how much energy and time your body utilizes to digest that food. When you give your digestive tract a rest by only consuming fresh fruit and vegetable juices packed with nutrients and live enzymes, your body has massive amounts of energy to focus on detoxifying and healing itself. The body has an innate ability to heal itself, we just have to allow it to do so. For those of you that may not know, a juice fast consists of drinking only fresh fruit and vegetable juices (notably green juices) and water for a set period of time (typically lasting 3-10 days, but many people have gone much longer).

Completing a juice cleanse will provide you with a wide array of health benefits, including:
-More energy
-Toxin removal
-Increases mental clarity
-Regulates digestive system
-Aids in Weight loss
-Improves sleep patterns
-Glowing complexion/clearer skin
-Stops food addictions and cravings
-Improves immune function

I am currently on day five of a ten day juice cleanse. I embarked on a juice fast over a year ago and feel it’s time to conquer another one. I did not blog about the first one so this time I figured I could give you guys some insight into my 10 day juice fast/cleanse. For me, juice fasting is about improving my mental, physical, and spiritual state. I am so passionate about incorporating fresh fruit and vegetable juices into your life. The rewards and benefits are undeniable. I drink at least one or two per day as it is so drinking only juice for 10 days actually excites me. I know it may seem like an impossible task to not chew anything for 10 days, but trust me you can do it! It is a difficult task, but a doable one.

The juice I made for the first few days:
juice fast

Here’s some insight into my fast thus far:

Day 1:

Today I was super stoked about starting the fast so it was easier than I thought. I have a cold press juicer and made enough juices to last me for the first three days which made it super convenient for me to grab a juice when I needed one. I’m drinking at least five- 16 oz. juices a day. Days 1-3 are typically the worst and hardest days of the fast. If you can get through those, the following days should get easier as your body welcomes the fast. I walked outside for an hour today. Mild exercise is okay, but anything too strenuous would be an overload. Walking outdoors is my  tranquil, spiritual, “me” time which I love and need. It allows me to reflect on things, clear my head, and focus on what is important. Overall, today was a great first day of fasting!

Day 2:

My energy level was a bit low today. I had a few headaches today, which is normal. Fatigue, irritability, insomnia, hunger pangs, and headaches are common in the first few days as the detoxification process begins and your body weans itself off food cravings and addictions. I craved food a few times throughout the day but drank tons of water anytime this occurred which helped! I did get a burst of energy late at night. Overall, I’d say today was a bit rough but not too horrible.

Day 3:

Today was much like day 2, still craved food a few times and had a headache at one point. My energy level seems to be higher today than it was yesterday. I have found that I have highs and lows when it comes to my energy level. Sometimes I feel run down and then there are times I will get random spurts of energy where I feel like Wonder Woman! I also felt a bit achy today.

photo (4)

Day 4:

I didn’t really think about food at all today. I almost have the mentality of being “too good” for food which helps in this process haha. I went for a walk in the morning and at night and found my energy level was quite high today. The fast has definitely become much easier today. I feel like I’m on top of the world and am excited about completing the ten days (crazy, right?!)

Day 5:

The past two days I have woken up at 5am on the dot without an alarm aka my sleep patterns are starting to regulate themselves and I sleep like a baby at night. My skin is clearing up and I feel super light and full of energy. Added bonus, I’m down five pounds. I have noticed an increase in mental clarity as well. I’d say the hardest part thus far is the cold weather. I allow myself a hot non-caffeinated herbal tea from time to time (which is allowed on a fast) to warm me up. I am pumped to see where the next five days take me and feel so much better than I did before starting this fast. Don’t let me fool you though, it does take mad willpower to stick to this. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Tips for Fasting/Cleansing:

-Drink at least 5 juices per day
-Drink TONS of water to help flush out toxins
-Experiment with juice recipes and find ones that you love. Creating a variety of tasty ones will make it much more appealing to drink.
-Don’t over exert yourself, especially the first few days when your energy level is low
-Know that symptoms of fatigue, irritability, headache, joint aches, hunger pangs, food cravings, and insomnia are normal during the first several days and should not be an excuse to give up.
-Drink non-caffeinated herbal teas from time to time to add some heat to your week
-Devote some time to yourself, whether it be through meditation, walking, prayer, etc.
-The first 3 days are rough…don’t let them get you down.
-Avoid watching TV- food commercials are torturous and hey, who needs TV anyways?!
-Get a juice fasting partner- It’s so much easier to complete with someone who is in the same boat as you and that provides encouragement.
-Make enough juices to last you several days for added convenience.
-If you need some juice recipes, I have lots on my blog!

I’ll keep you guys updated on my 10 day fast. I am most worried about Thanksgiving, Yes I will be that crazy girl juicing on Thanksgiving. I didn’t think that one through, but I know I can do it! If you have any questions about juice fasting, please feel free to ask!

**If you live in the Greenville, SC area and would like to order a cold-pressed juice cleanse, check out www.kukajuice.com

Have any of you completed a juice fast? What are your thoughts or experiences with juice fasting?



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23 responses to “10 Day Juice Fast/Cleanse

  1. Great advice to get you through a tough program. You have enormous self-discipline! I’m cheering you on from the sidelines. Blessings my friend,

  2. Congratulations on 5 days! I’m a Juice Cleansing Coach and definitely agree that juice cleansing is one of the healthiest things one can do!

  3. Congratulations…for any diet, first 3 days is really tough…..u made it!! Let me see all the juice recipes on your blog….maybe I will do to!!

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  5. Jess

    Do you have any good veggie combinations you particularly enjoy? I did a fast a few months ago and had trouble finding combinations that I liked. They don’t have to be spectacular, but some were pretty tough to get down. 😉 Thanks for any tips! I could surely stand to do another between now and Christmas!!!

  6. What if you take medicine everyday? Can you still take your prescription(s), and will the cleanse affect how they work?

  7. Noona

    I started today….. day1.. so dizzy already :3 lol. just curious, are we going to go to the bathroom? does it cause constipation? hehe
    thanx anyway for posting this.. it helps

    • It can have different effects on different people… some find that they are going to the bathroom several times a day on a cleanse while others may be constipated at first. If you need help moving things along, I recommend Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Organic herbal tea laxative. You can find it at your local grocery store. Hope this helps and good luck to you on your juice cleanse journey!

  8. Brian Wherry

    What if you are diabetic?

    • If you are diabetic, you should consult with your physician first. You would just have to ensure that you were putting minimal fruits into your juices. Green apples are lower in sugar and are a great way to get a small hint of sweetness.

  9. Michelle

    My hubby and I are starting tomorrow! Very excited but have so many questions.. The main ?? Is does it matter what juices you drink? ie- are there different ones for losing weight? I have a juicing recipe book, can I try any of the recipes? Main goal is to loose weight but also get the great benefits juicing has..

    Thank in advance

    • Hey Michelle!

      Good luck to you and your husband! Juice fasts are so amazing! For weight loss, I would definitely recommend sticking to mainly green juices. You really want to minimize the fruit you are putting into your juices. Green apples work wonders for masking the greens and they are much lower in sugar than any other apple (6 grams per apple compared to 25 grams in other apples). I make one juice that is a spin on the master cleanse which is great for metabolism (spinach, grapefruit, green apple, lemon, ginger, cayenne) It tastes amazing too! When using other fruits, just make sure you are putting more veggies than fruit and you will be A-ok! If you have any other questions feel free to ask away! Make sure you are drinking tons of water also. Good luck! You got this!


  10. how much did you lose in the end? did you keep it off? any tips for the headaches and for easing back to food? just completed day 3

    • Hey Melanie!

      Sorry for the late response!

      I ended up losing about 10 lbs and gaining a few pounds back. When easing back into food, you really want to get a good mix of liquids and solids. Juices, raw fruits and veggies, soups, smoothies, etc. Good luck on your journey! Hope it is going well!

  11. Adam

    I am starting the 10 day cleanse tomorrow. I experimented with a few recipes and am excited. I need to lose 30-40 lbs to get back to a healthy weight. I am not doing this as a crash diet. I am usually working 12 hr days for 5-6 days a week and don’t have a huge amount of energy to work out as often as I need to. Hoping this gives me a litte weight loss to help the ” work out mentality” and get me more in the mood to exercise more along with the juice plan. I did buy the Breville Juice Fountain Plus and am happy with how it works.

  12. Mariah Weidner

    Hey Samantha,
    I am about to start my first juice cleanse with my gym partner, Where can we find more green juice recipes so that we can vary the taste and make it a bit easier? also, we are gym addicts and plan to keep lifting while on the cleanse, we will cut cardio for the first few days and then see how we feel, but our diet is mainly vegetables with 2 fruits 1/3 cup of oats and a lot of protein (1 shake and 3-4 servings a day) so cutting it for to long will be hard and we are worried about loosing muscle mass instead of fat so how long should we wait before eating meats and oats again?

    -Mariah Weidner

  13. Kathryn

    where did you get the bottles for pre making your juices?

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